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Coolest DIY Claw Machine Arcade Game Costume

I made my 9 year old son a claw machine costume for Halloween last year. The costume was called “The Claw”, a crane machine with stuffed animals in it.

I started off with a big rectangle box, I painted it black, but you could choose any color. I glued in some stretchable straps inside to go on his shoulders so he could walk around without holding the box. For the crane I used to headbands and glued them criss crossed and wrapped them in foil to make them silver. I glued a stuffed animal on the crane. I glued in some battery operated Christmas lights inside to give it some lights. I printed out the lettering and the dollar bill and quarter slots. I cut out a hole at the bottom right corner of the box and glued a piece of felt over it to be able to stick your hand thru it to grab the prize. I glued a prize halfway in and halfway out. For the mirror effect inside of the machine on the back wall, i used tissue paper that I found at dollar tree that was mirror like.

This costume was stressful yet fun to make, I love details and as I was making this costume I just kept coming up with great ideas to make it Spectacular! My son loved it along with everyone else that saw it. He won 1st place at three different contest at three different fall festivals that we attended. We were even invited to go onto our local news station and talk about the costume. It was great! Halloween has become my favorite holiday!

Coolest DIY Claw Machine Arcade Game Costume

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