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Coolest Darth Vader and Ship Costume

My son is wheelchair bound and loves to participate with other kids. He loves dressing for Halloween. We try to make his costume a spectacular one.

This year he wanted to be Darth Vader, so we put on our thinking caps and we built a ship to fit over his wheelchair. That made one little boy feel very special.

The hardest part of making this was trying to get the wings to curve. But we figured it out. Last year we were burning the midnight oil to get his costume put together, but this year we made it in time, with a week to spare. The reactions we got from people were “Wow , That is Awesome!” My son’s smile just brightens up the room.

It is so unfair for children to be in wheelchairs and not be able to participate in activities that other children participate in.

The ship has landed!!!

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