My boyfriend and I tried to think up a very unique couple Halloween costume idea. And since the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is coming out soon, why not represent the ‘007’ series! For the James Bond costume, all you have to do is wear a shirt and tie. We also got his fancy high-tech gun from Dollar General. For the Golden Girl, well, that will definately take up more of your time.

We got gold acrylic paint from Wal Mart for 2$. It only took two little bottles to cover up my entire body. And the acrylic paint is easy to wash off, so don’t worry about that. For the lips, we got something called Lip Rock at Wal Mart.

The dress I made from gold fabric I found at Wal Mart for 14$. I got 2 yards of fabric and cut off enough of it to make a bandeau and the rest for the dress. All I did was tie the bandeau and dress, no pins or anything.

We got a lot of compliments on our costume, and everyone immediately recognized the iconic Golden Girl and James Bond from the classic Goldfinger.