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Coolest Coffee, Tea or Me Costume

This costume is a funny play on the better know Starbucks barista uniform.

The costume consists of:
1. Green Apron
2. White Shirt
3. Black skirt or pants
4. Tip Jar that reads: “Thanks A Latte!”
5. Name tag that reads: “Mocha” or another coffee name
6. Visor or cap (with new logo sticker attached)
7. Starbucks cups, straws, etc. (with new logo sticker attached)
8. I also made an iron-on transfer for the apron with the “new” logo
9. Arm band cuff made of coffee sleeves (with new logo sticker attached)

I changed the Starbucks logo to read: Coffee, Tea or Me? Just like the saying from the days when flight attendants were only female and called stewardesses. I am a graphic designer, so this task was made a little easier. I made sure that nothing about me actually said Starbucks. Every original logo was covered up. It was easily recognized, fun and comfortable to wear. Even earned a few dollar tips from other people!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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