Coolest Homemade Lost Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Lost Halloween Costume Idea

With this year marking the end of the series, LOST, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute in the form of a homemade Lost Halloween costume idea. This one was driven by accessories and super fun to make. – Dharma Jumpsuit – I found a shorts version on eBay – $30 – Dharma … Read more

Coolest Homemade Punky Brewster Costume

Homemade Punky Brewster Costume

Become the 80’s sweetheart – a Homemade Punky Brewster Costume! Items bought: High Top Shoes – Try to get two different colors or try different color laces like I did (found a used pair on eBay). Socks – Brightly colored. (Try Target) Jeans – Right pant leg rolled up. (Any should do.) Bandana – Tied … Read more

Coolest Coffee, Tea or Me Costume

Homemade Coffee, Tea or Me Costume

This costume is a funny play on the better know Starbucks barista uniform. The costume consists of: 1. Green Apron 2. White Shirt 3. Black skirt or pants 4. Tip Jar that reads: “Thanks A Latte!” 5. Name tag that reads: “Mocha” or another coffee name 6. Visor or cap (with new logo sticker attached) … Read more