Coolest Homemade Punky Brewster Costume

Become the 80’s sweetheart – a Homemade Punky Brewster Costume!

Items bought:
High Top Shoes – Try to get two different colors or try different color laces like I did (found a used pair on eBay).
Socks – Brightly colored. (Try Target)
Jeans – Right pant leg rolled up. (Any should do.)
Bandana – Tied around the right pant leg. Can be any color. (Hobby Lobby has them for $1!)
Shirts – Brightly colored long sleeve and brightly colored cut off sweatshirt. (Found the bright sweatshirt at Wal-Mart.)
Vest – Red or purple. (Found a jacket at the Goodwill and turned it into a vest.)
Patches or buttons – Hearts, ice cream cone, parrot, etc. (Any fabric store should have these.)
Skate Key – Tied and work around the neck (found one on eBay).
Pig tails – With sunshine ties (I used buttons and put them on yellow ties).
Brandon – Stuffed golden retriever sidekick (found a Build-A-Bear version on eBay).

Be sure to use her catch phrases like, “Punky Power!”, “Gross-a-roo” and “Holy Macanoli!”

Total spent: $40 – $50 (Can be less if you have some of the items already!)

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Punky Brewster Costume”

  1. We are doing an 80’s theme in our department for halloween. I was stumped for a cohesive idea and you just solved it for me. I’ll go as Punky!

  2. I love Punky Brewster. It might be 2012 now.At first I thought I wouldn’t like it,when mom bought it for me. first find a colorful shirt. next find a vest. now get a pair of jeans,with one of one of the bottoms rolled a bandana for the loop in the middle of your jeans.find a pair of socks that are the same,but different colors. do again,but with shoes. 2 sun pony tail holders.make pig tails. use brown mascara for her freckles. make sure you have straight bangs.


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