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Cheap, Cute & Easy Group College Girl Costume

A common term that floats around college campuses is how girls are ‘basic’.  The term ‘basic’ defines a girl as being typical such as wearing Ugg boots, wearing a Northface jacket or carrying around a Starbucks cup. As for Halloween, a ‘basic’ costume that a college girl would wear would consist of some sort of animal ears and an insanely slutty outfit.

As for my friends, the complete science nerds, we took basic to a new level. Yes, we decided to use element symbols and spell out the word. Mind you, this costume was created by my two friends in the middle of Chemistry class on Halloween itself. We used the elements Barium, Silicon, Iodine and Carbon. We wrote the element symbols, their atomic numbers and atomic masses on white pieces of computer paper that were cut into square and tied the papers around our necks.

We also dressed nerdy with similar skirts, white shirts and glasses. When walking around parties, people were often puzzled as to why we had elements around necks but, when we all lined up everybody was in amazement in the costume. Random people would come to use praising our costume and how clever it was. Friends of ours would show our pictures to everyone and everyone was equally as impressed with costume. The best part is, it was all free!

We had the outfits and all we needed to make was the signs but that only required markers, paper, and ribbons all of which we had. It was the perfect costume for four poor college students!

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