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Original Empty Nesters Homemade Couple Costume

Our 4th daughter left for college this year, so our “empty nest” was the inspiration behind our Halloween costume.  We decided to dress up as chickens whose chicks “flew the coop”.  All of our daughters are in college right now so in the cracked eggs (paper mached balloons using flour, water and salt and scrap printer paper and newspaper) we printed out labels that stated their year in college.

We made a nest out of a cut up hula skirt and an old shoe basket that use to hold our children’s shoes.  We found some very inexpensive chicken hats on Amazon (less than $7 each) which were perfect because you could still see our faces ,which was more genuine.  We wore matching clothes that we already had at home.  Everything was put together with a glue gun and a couple hooks to hold the signs. 

Everyone wanted to take our picture! People loved this costume because they were either empty nesters already, future empty nesters, or as one lady told me “I wanna be an empty nester but my children came back”.   It seemed to touch people in so many ways.  We heard so many stories Halloween night from people just starting their families to people now having grandkids.  And we got so many “Congratulations”  for successfully accomplishing one of the hardest jobs in the world….parenting! 

It was such a fun and relatable costume.  And our daughters LOVED our costume when we surprised them with a picture for Halloween!

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