This Homemade Baby Owl in a Nest Unique Halloween Costume Idea is so adorable, and I had so much fun making it! I used feather boas, individual feathers, orange colored foam for the beak, animal eyes for doll making, a blank masquerade mask, a basket, and I took apart a fall wreath I found at yard sale to decorate the basket.

I attached the feather boas to a long sleeved onesie type outfit my son already had using a hot glue gun. He also had a bomber type hat that I used to create the owl head. I sewed the feather boas to the hat. I than created an owl face on the mask with feathers and the animal eyes I purchased at the craft store. I attached it to the hat with glue. I glued leaves, berries and pine cones to the nest, put a pillow in it so he could be comfy, and there you have it! I also used our jogging stroller to tote our little owl.

I held the basket to the stroller with a bungee cord and it worked out great! He won 1st place in his age group at a local contest, and I can’t tell you how many people stopped us for pictures.