I had really struggled to come up with the idea for a costume, and one day when I was driving down the road and “Ice Ice Baby” came on the radio something clicked. I knew there were three of us wanting to come up with a creative costume for a Halloween party we were going to and that one of them often gets made fun of for looking like a child. That’s when I decided that dressing up as “Ice Ice Baby” was something we were going to have to do.

We drove all over town trying to find somewhere with boxes that they were getting rid of and we went to Walmart and bought blue table cloths, cellophane, ribbon, glitter, and scrapbook stickers. When we got done making our ice cubes, I used the extra parts of the box to make a “boombox.” The neat part about this was, I had put my iPod and portable speakers in the boombox, so it actually played “Ice Ice Baby” on repeat the whole night.

We wore plain grey shirts and some leggings. The other part of our group wore footie pajamas, a bib, and a pacifier. It was so much fun and everyone loved it. It was great to spend time with friends making the costumes and even better to see everyone’s reaction when they saw it!