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Last-Minute Super-Cheap “Good… Great in the Sack” Halloween Costume

It was already Halloween morning and I had put off renting or creating a really boss costume.  As I showered I went through a mental recall of everything in the house that could possibly be used to rig something passable.  Yes, I had a pirate’s costume but the island I live on celebrates a Pirate’s Fest two weeks before Halloween each year.  I suddenly recalled the giant brown bag yard sacks in the garage.  Hmmm.  I could paint something on them.  No, no time for that.  Popcorn?  I could use balloons but they’d be hard to find (again, I live on a tiny island).  Maybe I could just go as a sack?  Perhaps a weak but witty football reference?  No jerseys in my boyfriend’s closet.  Sack, sack, sack.  Ha,  I could go as ‘Good in the Sack’.  Giggles.  Wait, could I really do that?  I’m not usually one to go the slutty costumes route.  But this was a bit more subtle than donning fish nets and a corset.  And we were going to an all-adult party.

I knew I needed an identifier so I created an oversized “Hello my name is” tag and laminated it.  Now, I’m a graphic designer with printers and equipment but it was still pretty easy.  I’m sure just buying a pack of sticker tags at the store would work just fine.  I typed in ‘Good’ for the name and then thought “why not be ‘Great’?”  Heck yeah, if you’re gonna go, go big.

I figured out all the other details on the fly that evening.  I cut the bottom out of the sack and up one of the corner creases, leaving me with a couple yards of brown bag.  I wasn’t confident this thing wouldn’t fall apart or rip on me so I put on some boy shorts and a tube top, just to be safe.  With packing tape at the ready, I turned the sack so the print would face my body and wrapped it around my body.  My boyfriend wrapped the tape around a couple of times around my waist, getting tighter when needed.  Next I searched my ribbon box and found some great hemp twine and wound it around a few times and tied in a bow.

It really was pretty cute for a brown bag dress and any shoes would work effortlessly with the neutral color so feel free to wear those expensive blue or yellow pumps you never find occasion to wear.

That’s it, voila!  Cute, clever, and a little bit sexy but not slutty.  The sort of costume you can wear confidently in your thirties without your man getting into a fight with a handsy drunk vampire at your Halloween party.  And cheap, gloriously cheap!  This cost me nothing but even if you bought the supplies it wouldn’t add up to much and hey, you’d always have lawn bags, tape, name tags and twine on hand.

My boyfriend also threw his costume together with what he had on hand.  An axe, old clothes and the makings for fake blood.  He was an all-to-convincing axe murderer.  (And yes, I put the axe in the car after he had a couple cocktails).

Happy Halloween!

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