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Coolest Clown in the Box Costume

My nine year old daughter couldn’t decide what she wanted to be this year. I gave her choice after choice. It had to be something we could make from things we already had. When I offered a clown she said no, but when I said how about a clown in the box costume her eyes lit up!

I had an old clown costume and wig so we went to work on the box. We painted each side a different color. We had a set of stencils and we hot glued letters and shapes onto the box. For the crank we used PVC pipe and painted it red. The handle was a piece of a swimming noodle that we cut.

To attach the box to her constructed a harness with rope and PVC then we used two more pieces of the noodle to slide the rope through for comfort on her shoulders. I cut the legs off the costume so that it would fit over her and the harness. This also made it so that people could see into the box.

We added some face paint and she was good to go. Only down side had to walk sideways through doors but people actually thought that that was part of the charm. Everyone loved her and she won the costume contest.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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