Coolest Carol and Max Couple Costume

My husband and I decided on a Homemade Carol and Max Couple Costume from “Where the Wild Things Are”. We made Carol’s head with paper mache on a big blow up punching ball. We added rolled up newspaper and styrofoam balls to make the facial features and to add dimension to the face. The horns were made out of white felt that I sewed and stuffed with fiber fill and glued to the top of the head. Then we painted it and added craft fur for the hair. We cut nostril holes in the nose so he could see while wearing it although not super well. He even went to work in this costume (but had to remove the head to answer the phone).

His outfit was just a striped Henley shirt and grey sweatpants that we drew feathers on. The Max outfit was a grey sweatsuit and we just added ears, buttons and a tail. We created the crown and Max’s staff out of paper and craft wood that was spray-painted gold and silver.

Homemade Carol and Max Couple Costume

Homemade Carol and Max Couple Costume

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