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Coolest Blanket Bear Costume

My son totes around a blanket bear / woobie / lovey around everywhere he goes. So I decided to make him a Homemade Blanket Bear Costume because he loves it so much.

This is a half homemade costume and half store bought costume. The Body and head are actually a full body Care Bears Grumpy costume that I purchased. So I started with that and then I went to the fabric store and purchased some light blue minky fabric, and using a sewing pattern for a child size poncho I cut on the fabric as per directions and made a blanket like the one my sons bear has into a life size poncho. I then bought matching patches which I sewed onto the blanket, and I sewed on a satin border that I made. I then put the poncho blanket over the care bear head and voila, you have a Blanket Bear costume.

Blanket Bear Costume

Blanket Bear Costume

This is my son's blanket bear that the Blanket Bear Costume was modeled after

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