In their own Halloween interpretation of the classic 80’s movie-Back to the Future, Colin Murad sports his Hover Board and Life Vest as Marty McFly. Ben McMurray dons his radiation suit and tool belt as Doc Brown. Armed with a flux capacitor diagram, three watches, goggles, DeLorean remote control, and radiation gloves the pair completed their epic costumes with a wagon turned DeLorean turned time machine. “GREAT SCOT!” The duct tape and cardboard creation includes their favorite additions from the series: working doors, “OUTATIME” license plate, Mr. Fusion, and the DMC logo on the front bumper. The DeLorean was completed in nine man hours.

Clothing was obtained from various thrift stores and hand modified to reflect accurate patterns and color schemes. Doc’s tool belt is of similar style to the movie and contains accurate tools, including the electrical tape on a rope. Doc also has the grey box attached to the stop watch around his neck, handily made out of, again, duct tape and cardboard, but also a cell phone charger cord. This year’s Homemade Back to the Future Couple Costume continue the trend Colin and Ben have been following for several years: Epic Movie Duos.