Coolest Baby Honey Jar Costume

I made my 10 month old a Homemade Baby Honey Jar Costume so she could be a part of the Pooh gang. My friends and I were pregnant and had our babies around the same time and decided on the Pooh gang theme for their first Halloween. All the characters, except for Eeyore, were taken and I didn’t want to put her in an Eeyore costume. So I decided on the hunny jar! Ha!

When I was pregnant I bought a pumpkin costume on clearance ($3!!) thinking that she could be a pumpkin for Halloween. Instead I turned it inside out, added my own details (bees, honey drips,lid knob, and HUNNY lettering), and VOLIA! A most adorable Hunny Jar for the Pooh gang theme!

Our little Hunny jar and the Pooh gang got a lot of “Ohs and Ahhs” when at the neighborhood fall festival. Her hunny jar costume was a hit!

Greatest thing is that she can still be a pumpkin. I just have to turn it outside in! Two costumes in one!

Materials Needed:

Felt – light blue, beige, yellow, black,
Stuffing (for the honey drips, and bee on the jar lid for and 3D effect)
Chenille Stem (for the floating bee on the lid)
Googly eyes for the bees
Sewing Machine (or you can hand sew too!)
Fabric Glue
Brown Leggings

Homemade Baby Honey Jar Costume

Homemade Baby Honey Jar Costume

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Baby Honey Jar Costume”

  1. Hi Diane!! Any chance you’re willing to part with the honey jar costume after this Halloween?! I need to dress up in early 2016 with my husband and new baby and was thinking to do bee keeper (hubby), bee (me), and baby (she’ll be 8 months then) as honey pot! Let me know. Otherwise, I may just get her a mini bee costume, but love the honeypot idea. :-) Would definitely be interested! Thanks! And congrats on a great costume. :-) Total mom win. ;-)


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