Twas the night before Halloween
When all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse…

Well, okay. It really was the night before Halloween, when I thought to myself, “This is my baby’s first Halloween. Must. Have. Baby. in Overload Cuteness Mode.”

I was wearing an orange headband at the moment when the idea popped in my head.

I cut out golden yellow circles from felt and taped them to my headband.

Put on my husband’s red shirt along with my golden yellow leggings.

Looked in the mirror and said, “Mm well that’s the finest Pooh bear. Mm Mm Good…”

Put my baby in a sling, taped a felt “Hunny” sign, along with a cut out of overflowing honey, and it was a done deal.

Total time? 15 minutes.

The end result? An adorable baby made into the sweet honey pot of his dear mama bear :)