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Coolest Homemade Piglet and Eeyore Costumes

Each year I sew costumes for all 15 of my grandchildren that want a costume. My grand twins are 20 months old. Ella always wears pink so we can always tell the twins apart. We decided to make them Homemade Piglet and Eeyore Costumes, Ella should be Piglet and Kylie would be Eeyore.

Eeyore was fun to make using a pattern from Simplicity. I used black fur for the mane. I needed to make all the stitching in the right places. Instead of sewing on the stitches Eeyore has, I used fabric paint to paint them on. Piglet was easy to make using a pattern and painting on the black stripes. They were kept warm by using fleece fabric.

I adjusted the pattern by making a collar attached to the hood, which went under the regular costume to keep them warmer. They were not happy about keeping the hoods on in the beginning, but loved them after a little time.

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