Pooh Costume

My mother-in-law is an amazing seamstress and always makes a killer costume for her granddaughter. We decided that piglet would be good for her at age two and then I would be Pooh. I gave my husband a choice between Owl, Rabbit or Eeyore.

The piglet costume is a standard costume pattern made by the best mother-in-law in the world. My Pooh costume is a large tan hooded sweat shirt and matching sweat pants from Fred Meyer. I cut off some of the bottom of the pants and re-hemmed them then used the scraps to make the ears on the hood. I stuffed a pillow in the shirt and pants and then pulled on a red t-shirt I had on hand.

For the Eeyore costume I took a cheap gray sweat shirt and pants then cut out some light gray material I had on hand to make the lighter underbelly. I used black thread and very large stitches to make it look more like a stuffed animal that was sewn together. I bought a piece of felt and a fur remnant and made a hood with a fur stripe on it and some floppy ears. I also made a tail out of the felt and fur and some red felt for a ribbon and because it was Eeyore I attached it Velcro so he could lose it.

Total Spent: $45

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