My son is 9 months old and each piece of this Baby Harry Potter Costume had to be made by hand.

I started with the glasses – because of his size, I wire wrapped them by hand. This allowed me to control the measurements and ensure that they fit correctly, as well as make adjustments. The wire was poking him so I wrapped the side/ear pieces with black fabric. I bent the ends around his ears to ensure they stayed on, and it worked!

Instead of using face paint for Harry’s signature lightning bolt, we used colored cake frosting. It was delicious, non toxic, no need to wait for “drying” and mess free. For his wand, we found a straight stick and painted it black. We made his “cloak of invisibleness” out of a colorful star material I found.

I chose for Oliver to wear a pair of khakis along with a baby sweater vest and white onesie. I am not a real Harry Potter fan, but my husband is…and he absolutely loved this.