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Coolest Baby Cupcake Costume

Cutest little Homemade Rosie the Riveter Costume! To make this costume, I bought a plastic flower pot from the Dollar store, I made sure the pot was deep enough and wide enough for her to fit into. (Paid $1) Next, my husband used a jigsaw to cut out the bottom from the pot, but I’m sure a standard knife would do. Then sanded the edges down to make sure they wouldn’t rub.

Then, I took pink silk fabric (Hobby Lobby 1yrd. $3) and ruffled it along the outside of the pot making pleats. I used a hot glue gun to simply secure it. Then folded any of the excess fabric to the inside of the top and bottom. Next took some white fabric and about 4″ from the top, folded one side over and glued it in a straight line all the way around, next I put my fist above where I had just put the white fabric, and draped the remaining over it, creating a “bubble” then secured the top all the way around the inside of the top, leaving on opening in the back. Then I stuffed my “bubble” with plastic grocery bags until it proceeded to look like icing on a cupcake! Then glued the back shut.

Then, I cut out my “sprinkles” and “hearts” from felt (Hobby Lobby $5) Simply glued them where I saw fit. Next I measured my daughter in the cupcake and made suspenders from ribbon.(Hobby Lobby $2) Sprayed with a little glitter spray and voila! CUPCAKE!


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