Cool Pregnant Zombie Costume

I was pregnant last Halloween and still wanted to dress up, but I wanted to be creative about it and non-traditional. So, I made a simple pregnant zombie costume with a baby doll from a yard sale and an old shirt.

The doll I used was the kind with plastic hands and feet that can be easily detached from the body. I cut out holes in the shirt to match the size of the arms and legs so they would fit snugly in the holes and then I hot glued them in the holes from the inside of the shirt.

Next, I cut out various small holes to make the shirt look torn and added fake blood to the shirt.

To finish the costume I just got some halloween makeup and get creative making myself look like a zombie.

I wore regular jeans and shoes, but you can get some old pants and add fake blood and give them the torn look as well if you want to.