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Cool Nikki Minaj DIY Costume

I really wanted to be Nikki Minaj for Halloween, I just didn’t know if I could pull it off. I purchased a “fake butt” and a “Barbie” necklace online and found the wig in the Halloween store. The harder part was what do I wear? It had to be something kind of crazy and a little sexy.

I went shopping in the mall and found silver leggings and a neon pink tiger-pattern shirt in the Deb Shop. I was so excited–it was something I could see Nikki Minaj wear.

Since she has darker skin, i bought an instant self tanner and applied several coats to make me look slightly exotic. Everyone loved the finished costume, and I had a blast dancing my fake butt to Superbass!

Cool Nikki Minaj DIY Costume

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