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Cool Monkey in a Claw Machine Stroller Costume

The wife and I thought long and hard to come up with a costume that would work well at keeping our 2 year old safe from the weather and COVID. (And avoiding having to carry him around the town when he got tired).Of course it had to be cool at night too so we used light sabers and a tap light for lighting the machine up at night. Total build took about 4 days to complete. Our son and the whole town loved every minute of it!

I bought most of the stuffed animals for our monkey in a claw machine stroller costume from the local goodwill. I built the frame mostly from scrap wood laying around. Some of the wood I had to purchase from the lumber yard. Hard board worked great for the panels since they were strong and fairly light weight. I used a few cans of spray paint to give it that classic red and black look.

The claw was probably my proudest creation. I cut up an old rolling pin for the center and glued the arms on and wrapped it with silver duct tape. Then I used window insulation plastic for glass and attached to an old wagon. I even built a bench inside so he could sit. I used a nail gun to assemble the whole thing and grinned off any nails that managed to poke through to the inside.

We got so many compliments trick or treating and people were pulling over just to take a picture with it. I even cut a hole in the roof to drop beanie babies in to the working prize chute for other little kids to “play” the game. A couple kids even ran back to their parents asking for money to play the game thinking it was a real arcade game as we walked up.

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