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Cool Human Anatomy Costumes

For our costumes this year, my girlfriend and I created cool human anatomy costumes. We wanted to wear something original and eye-catching and this did the trick! We looked in a nearby store and found the quality to be lacking so we did some research on costume materials and then it was time to get creative…

The materials we used were: fabric paint, face paint, an airbrush and tight clothes.

First, we sketched an outline of all the muscles in the body. For this we used different images from encyclopedias. Then, it was time for the details, which we accomplished by using darker shades of red paint to create a volume effect and some white paint in the joints and other areas in between muscles. The creation of the bodies lasted a couple of hours due to the amount of details in the human body, however, the entire process was fun and entertaining.

We were unsure how the costumes would turn out because, although we both enjoy arts and crafts, we only do it occasionally as a hobby. The results were incredible and we were amazed by our creation. I would definitely encourage others to try creating a costume like this because, although it requires time and effort, you can easily cover up mistakes with extra paint! It is seriously possible for anyone to make this.

The overall cost of the costume was low and it was worth every second. Dozens of people approached us to check out our costumes up close. We received many compliments and we were asked for pictures the whole day.

If you love Halloween and are up for a really fun challenge, you should really consider making these next year!!!

Finished costume!

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