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Cool Homemade Prince Halloween Costume for My Grandson

I was super excited about this costume. I googled some ideas but didn’t see a whole lot of inspiration, and my sister had sent me a picture that kinda inspired me. I’m a huge Prince fan (probably one of the biggest ones) lol I’ve done Prince Derby hat contests, Prince Christmas trees, I sing Tons of Prince karaoke and wear lots of Prince Shirts so I figured why not make my first grandson Prince.

I recently had knee surgery so had lots of time on my hands (maybe too much) so I started to shop Temu for accessories because everyone knows you can find almost anything you could need or want super cheap on there. A lady from my sister’s church (god bless her) made the costume for 20 bucks (although I threw in a Starbucks gift card since she did such an amazing job).

I purchased a wig for 6 bucks off Temu and cut the hair off. I then used a hot glue gun to glue the hair to a baby hat. I had the guitar already; I bought it at the Dollar Store and had used it on my Derby Hat I made for myself so I cut that off my hat and used it for this costume.

He’s my first grandbaby, and I thought the costume fit him perfectly although he wasn’t super impressed (lol as you can tell). He’s only a little over 2 months old so we really didn’t do a whole lot of contests just a trunk or treat, a Facebook post, and going to take him regular trick or treating in his costume. I’m so truly blessed we will have the memory and pictures forever.

My kids and friends all kinda laughed and thought I was crazy when I started his costume but after he was in it everyone thought it was terrific. I’m gonna make him a Different prince-themed song every year!! I plan to make him a “Little Red Corvette” next Halloween, When Doves Cry one year, Kiss one year, just fun different ideas.

I’ve never been a fan of store-bought costumes; I think DIY ones are so much more unique. Anyhow, all that counts is you have fun doing it, use your imagination, and just roll with it!! We had a family time and a blast doing it!!

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