My wife made this all possible. I just told her who I wanted to be for Halloween and she was off. She found all the clothes pieces at a thrift store except for the pants and shoes (I had those). She started off by the vest, she couldn’t find a green vest so she decided to get a khaki one and dye it green with Rit dye (Walmart). Surprisingly it came out perfect, even the buttons were dyed green.

She found the perfect tie, just like the movie from  thrift store also. The purple blazer was also found in a thrift store from the women’s section (yes women section). I finished it with black jeans and black boots. The gloves are not seen in the pics but she couldn’t find purple gloves, so she bought white ones and dyed them purple.

To make the hair look as close as possible to his, she bought a brown wig with curly hair and sprayed it with green spray for the hair. As for the makeup, I ended up using scar wax first and then applying the white all over my face, black around the eyes and red on the scars and lips.

The finished product was amazing. No one knew who I was. It was great. People were taking pictures, kids were amazed at how much I looked like The Joker. I was 2nd place in a costume contest because my wife won 1st place.

After all her hard work, it turned out great!