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Cool Homemade Human Snowglobe Costume

I made this costume for a local fun run. It was a bit challenging but I actually ran the entire 3 miles inside the snow globe.  I had a few ohhs and ahhs, a handful of wow– check out the snow globe, and a number of CAN YOU BREATH in there!  (No worries, I had a hole cut out in the back to allow air flow.)

The base was made from a chair cushion cut to fit around my waist. From there I added layers of foam, spray paint, sand, and shells to add depth to the base of the snow globe.  I used sheets of laminating plastic for the globe portion which was a bit tricky to get to stay up at first, but I got it, but for good measure and to keep everything up while running I added a line of fishing line to keep things from falling in.  A few lei’s a grass skirt and a coconut top and I was good to go.

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