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Cutest Snowglobe Costume

This Homemade Snowglobe Costume is the cutest snow globe from Hawaii that you have ever seen. My daughter collects snow globes from all over the world, so what better than to turn her into one?

We chose a nice tropical place so she could be a cute hula girl. Two costumes for the price of one. This creative costume is amazing and my daughter loves it. She doesn’t want to take it off. It took a lot of hard work but the final creation turned out great. The hardest part about this costume was finding the supplies. Who knew how hard it would be to find large sheets of acetate and tons of foam?? The costume required tons of glue sticks and lots of spray paint. I worked on it for a couple of hours each day and it took a little over a week to complete. Homemade costumes are the way to go! Knowing your child has a one of a kind costume is worth all the hard work.

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  1. Could you please explain how this was made and with what supplies and also where you found them? My daughter wants to make this for her class “home made” fashion show (2nd grade).



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