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Cool Homemade Group Costume: South Pole Penguins

These are my 3 penguins;
first costume party for the youngest, some 8 yrs ago.

The real inpiration was my little son who couldn’t walk proper then, his walk actually reminded me of a penguin walk.

I am so sorry for the lack of photos, expecially for its (un)quality. In my defence, I’ll say that I used video camera more then regular photo camera back then. Who would have known that I will be needing some penguin photos in a near future?


How To Make

This was my very fist time working with the foam. I bought a piece of foam 1m x 2m (where I live, I buy it in a store that sells paints) 2 cm thick.

I cut the shapes, then colored with a black pigment (that’s a small bottle of paint that you buy in a paint shop and normally use it when you want to add some color to the white foundation paint for the inside walls). I never used pigment before, so I didn’t know that I am supposed to add some water with it (to get more color), so I added some white foundation paint, so my penguins turned out grey instead of black. But, I liked it even better that way anyway.

Then I handstitched all parts together.

This white head/belly part turned out pretty messy, because I messed it up painting, so I decided to cover that area. I made that shape out of old bed sheet, and hand stitched it also.

I used 2 pieces of foam to make 3 pengins like that; the smallest was made from several  pieces that were left out when I finished bigger penguins.

I cut also beak, bow, flippers and foot from the same foam. I colored it with yellow pigment, except for the bow – I had some red paint + yellow = orange bow.

From the bottom of the foot, I handstitched a elastic band to secure it on kids’ foot / shoe. The effect was really good, they looked just like small pengins :)

Kids didn’t need any jackets under this costume.

how to
how to

oldest penguin
oldest penguin

middle penguin
middle penguin


And that’s how the South Pole penguins came to visit us on the Northern Hemisphere on that cold, rainy day…

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