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Coolest Modern Mermaid Costume (That’s not Ariel)

I really wanted to be a modern mermaid for Halloween without a giant tail getting in the way of walking through crowds, and that was not Ariel, which was all I saw. I ended up finding a costume online but it was $200! No way was I paying that much money for a shell bra and a skirt! So I decided to replicate it by making it myself.

I bought the fabric, elastic, seashells, and rope at Walmart. The net and foam seashell bra I bought at a party store in a nearby city. I already had safety pins, glitter glue, and rhinestones, so the total cost of this costume was a only $25!

I realized early I bought the wrong fabric because it didn’t stretch. I was really frusterated and almost gave up because I didn’t think I would be able to walk around in it, but I forced myself to finish what I thought was a lost cause. However, I’m glad I didn’t quit because it ended up working out perfectly! I cut two slits up the side up to my knee so I could walk around and walk up stairs in my skirt. The part I was really proud of was that I used a $14 Singer handheld sewing machine from Walmart, for the first time, because I didn’t have the time to hand-sew this costume.

I sewed the skirt together and sewed the elastic around the waist. I then hot glued shells onto the netting and pinned it to my skirt. I hot glued two giant seashells onto the foam seashell bra because I couldn’t put holes in the actual shells, and hot glued the the seashell bra onto my “sticky boobs” so that way the bra was VERY secure. I took out the rope the foam seashell bra came with and replaced it with the gold one I bought at Walmart. The two large shells were two different colors so I used eye shadow to color them so they could match.

I then put glitter glue on my sides of my face and stomach for a shimmery effect. To add to that I used a fishnet stocking I had and put it over my head. I smudged several bright eye shadow colors over the fishnet to make a scaled effect. I hot glued a shell to a hair barrette and put that in my hair. When I was done I showed off my costume and received so many compliments because it was a unique mermaid costume that they have never seen before. However, their jaws dropped when I told them I made it all by myself!

Coolest Modern Mermaid Costume (That's not Ariel)

Coolest Modern Mermaid Costume (That's not Ariel)

Coolest Modern Mermaid Costume (That's not Ariel)

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