Like any of my Halloween projects, they always start out easy. This costume was entirely home made. I purchased a large box from Home Depot and it went from there.

1) Reiforced the inside corners of the box

2) painted the entire box black with dollar store paint, painted the bamboo legs black

3) attached a black “curtain” to bottom of box (plastic throw-away table cover from the dollar store)

4) added embelishments (all lettering was also made by hand)

5) finishing touches included adding battery powered lighting, crystal ball (white balloon)

6) finding, printing “fortunes” onto paper, adding a “coin” box to accept quarters

7) used a previous year’s black, shredded dress, made the “head piece” also from a previous costume

8) make up was dollar store acrylic paint, added a long hair piece.

9) black contact lenses

It was difficult to “walk” in the costume, but I had attached (4) bamboo sticks/poles to the inside of the box so I could set it down. I held onto the edges of the box if I had to walk around. I charged 25 cents for each “fortune”. I won first prize and made $7.50 from selling the fortunes. All materials were purchased from the dollar store, the box from Home Depot, and recycled bits from previous costumes..all in all, it cost me about $15 to make this entirely HOME MADE costume.

Fortune Teller Costume

Started with a large box

Fortune Teller Costume

Cutting out the lettering

Fortune Teller Costume

Adding beads to the letters

Fortune Teller Costume

More detailing

Fortune Teller Costume

Finding, printing fortunes

Fortune Teller Costume

Almost done

Fortune Teller Costume

Make up

Fortune Teller Costume

Finished product