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Cool Homemade Couple Costume Idea: Colonel Sanders (KFC) and a Chicken

I kept seeing the Colonel with a bucket, but  I thought a chicken would be more fun.  The chicken costume is super simple to make~just time consuming.  First, buy white feathers boas in bulk ( you will need A LOT!)  I had a white long-sleeve dress already on hand.  You just take your dress (or long shirt), a glue gun and start wrapping the boas around the dress~gluing as you go until the entire dress is covered.  In some areas I doubled the boas.  I then took an old hat and glued boas to it.  My greatest find was a pair of yellow rubber gloves I found at the Dollar Store.  I glued them to an old pair of flip flops and used the white feathers to look like chicken feet.  The last thing was a pair of yellow tights I found on clearance at Target.

The Colonel’s costume was also pretty easy to make. First, I went to KFC and asked for 2 buckets.  One to cut out the lettering for the apron and one to carry our beverages.  Next, I took an old red apron and glued the cut-outs from the bucket.  I cut strips of white duck tape for the apron.He already had tan pants and a white shirt.  You can also wear a white shirt, black apron and black thin bow tie.  I just took black ribbon to make a tie.  The glasses were a pair my husband wore in the early 90’s.  I did buy the wig and goatee.   Have fun!

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