I made the chicken by removing the filling from a bean bag and cutting a hole in the center, leaving it much in the shape of a tire. I filled the walls with shopping bags full of the bean bag filling. Upholstery shops usually have lots of foam remnants and I was able to get as much as I wanted for free, which I sculpted around the bean bag in the shape of a chicken using duct tape.

Next I sprayed adhesive on the duct tape and stretched fake fur to cover the body. The head is a rubber chicken mask and finally used white suspenders to hold the chicken up as well as allowing me to take the chicken on and off fairly quickly. TIP: The most important part and hardest of this type of costume is the jockeys legs. they need to be towards the front to look natural and the chicken needs to ride low on your body so as to look realistic.

The chicken of course drew lots of attention,took plenty of photos and won several costume contests including a trip to Savannah.