My boyfriend Andy and I wanted to think of a funny couple’s costume that wasn’t overdone. I saw a picture online of two little kids dressed as Colonel Sanders and a piece of fried chicken and I got inspired! Instead of being a piece of fried chicken, I decided to be a regular chicken instead.

Andy’s costume was fairly simple. Instead of getting a white suit, he wore white scrub pants, a white button up and white patent leather shoes. I found a red apron for $3 at WalMart and made a KFC pin using cardboard, a logo, and a safety pin. I found the wig, mustache and glasses on Amazon for very cheap. Then we just tied black ribbon around and it was good to go! Oh and the bucket we picked up from KFC that day (and they charged 50 cents for it!)

My chicken costume started as a white tube dress made out of 1.5 yards of polyester fabric. It was then stretched out on a form to glue all of the feathers on. This took quite a bit of time and many bags of feathers! Then I made a hair clip and glued a little orange “beak” on the end. Overall it was easy and creative and we got a lot of compliments that night!