Cool Homemade Boy’s Oompa Loompa Costume

I love home made costumes. I love to make costumes. But I hate sewing. I am more of a hot glue type. Of all my brilliant ideas..I decided to make an ooma Loompa costume for my son and it involved LOTS of sewing.

The easy part was the wig and brown slippers. I added wite stripes on the cuffs and collar of a brown crew neck and brown knee socks. Pom Poms for the shoes was easy but time cosuming. I googled how to make them and sewed them to the slippers. Now comes the hardest part for me. I had an old white skirt in my closet and decided to turn it into oompa trousers. LOTS of sewing involved and I do not own a machine. My poor fingers and the completion of this costume were so sore. I bought cheap white fabric for the suspenders and yes..more sewing as I decided to doubled the fabric for a firmer look and feel. shaped styrofoam covered with fabric and sewn to the legs. Extra large buttons I found at the craft store for the front and snaps sewn inside for easy removal of susoenders in the front. The eyebrows were just shaped pieces of fuzzy fabric and glued on with a special costume skin glue ..and lots and lots of orange paint for the face.

And finally the oompa loompa was ready to set out to the chocolate factory on Halloween. Creativity, countless hours and sore bleeding fingers were all worth the reactions received for his costume.

Cool Homemade Boy's Oompa Loompa Costume

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