We went as oompa loompas because we are so short.  We work at a community college that hosted a trick or treat night for the community grade school kids.  Our trick or treat night was hosted by both college staff and students.  Kids got to walk through an insane asylum and go through a haunted house.  Our candy station was at the end where we had the Oompa Loompa song playing and handed out candy.

Some kids were so terrified from the earlier activities that they were also afraid of us.  Other kids wanted to take pictures with us, but it was the parents who absolutely loved us.  Probably because we were more from their generation.  We had such mixed responses, it made the night fun.  Costume was easy, goodwill clothes, white duct tape, some bronzer, eyeshadow and green hair dye, along with a great youtube song.

Check us out in action, here!