Coolest Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka Costumes

My 3 year old and 6 year old are huge fan of the Original Willy Wonka so we decided to make my oldest son Willy Wonka and my youngest son an Oompa Loompa.

For the Willy Wonka costume we pieced together one of my floral button up shirts, a purplish colored blazer we found at a thrift shop, some corduroy pants, a top hat, a curly hair wig, and ½ of a curtain rod for a walking stick. My son LOVED it. He walked with a limp and used the curtain rod the entire time!

For the Oompa Loompa costume I actually completely handmade it. I bought stiff white felt (I bought the thick kind to keep him warm), brown yarn (for the shoe balls), I re-sized a brown adult size turtleneck to fit him, he wore little girls brown tights under his pants, and the wig I bought was a long haired green wig from walmart that I styled, the suspenders were made from 2 in thick white ribbon and 2 big brown buttons
THE PANTS/SUSPENDERS: I measured my son for his waist and inseam (only measure down to about 3-4 inches above the ankle). Then use a marker and draw out the shape of the pants…remember that the Oompa Loompa’s have almost an old school horse jockey styled pant (the hips stick out like wings). Cut out the pants and pin them on to your child inside out. Pin just the inseam and out seam. Slide the pants off and sew where you pined…be sure to leave an area unsewn for either a zipper or snap button to be placed. Sew on either the zip or snap and put the pants back on your child. NOW THE SUSPENDERS. The Oompa suspenders make an X in the front and back so measure your child from the top front right side of the pant to the top back left side of the pants for one strap and do the opposite for the other. Add about 3 inches to the measurement on each end of ribbon to give you room to sew them to the pants. ONLY sew the ribbon to the back. On the front of the pant make 2 button holes big enough to fit a large button through. Sew a brown button to the bottom on each ribbon on the front and button the suspenders to the front. THE PANTS ARE FINISHED.

THE TURTLENECK: If you can find a brown turtleneck to fit your child buy it, I could find one so I re-sized an adult one to fit my 4 year old.

THE SHOE BALLS: wrap the brown yarn around a deck of cards (the long way) until you feel you have enough to make a cute yarn ball, then slide the yarn off and tie a piece of yarn around the middle and cut the loops to make it stringy. Then tie the balls to the tops of a pair of white shoes.

THE WIG: I bought a child size long haired green wig at walmart. I cut it into a bob style and then used a toilet paper tube to make the bangs stick up in a wave/loop effect. It looked amazing and was MUCH cheaper then buying the actual Oompa Loompa wig online.

Paint your child orange and DONE!!!! you have yourself your own little candy maker and fantastic Homemade Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka Costumes.

Homemade Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka Costumes

Homemade Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka Costumes

Homemade Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka Costumes

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