Shop at St. Patricks Day for wigs, Shop at Easter for a Giant Egg,  Shop at Goodwill or Salvation Army for the perfect brown shirt, Shop at Summer Clearance for white cropped pants. Buy Grosgrain ribbon at Fabric Store, perfect brown color, 6 rolls, 1 yard of stretch fabric. Sew ribbon about 1 inch apart so it stretches horizontally. Then cut to fit legs, and wrists and neck. Buy 1 yard  white fabric for straps. Make buttons out of foam from Craft area. Buy some white yarn and perfect brown yarn and make Pom Poms for tops of shoes. Sew sides of shorts to stick out and stuff something in the sides to make them stay stuck out. Spray paint egg with gold paint. Buy orange face paint makeup and cover whole face.  Use white grease crayon on eyebrows.  Buy white magic stretch winter gloves.

We won our neighborhood Halloween contest wearing these. This took two days to sew, but I am a fast seamstress. I wanted it to look authentic, so I kept looking at the originals. I also downloaded the theme of the Oompa Loompa song and played it when I entered the party.  Everyone at the party thought, wow, what a great costume. You are so creative.