Before there was Narnia, Avengers or Dr. Who (all pop-mythology we LOVE) there was Greek mythology. Thus, our family chose to dress as gods and goddesses of the Greek Pantheon this Halloween. I am Hera, the mother. My oldest son Avery is Apollo, the intellectual. My daughter Clara is Artemis, the huntress, and my youngest son Oliver is Hermes, the trickster. Surprisingly, these archetypes fit us perfectly!

The costumes are mostly constructed from paper and duct tape and other things found at an office supply store. Apollo’s wings are made from file folders while his armbands are made from Starbucks coffee sleeves. Artemis’s bow and arrows are constructed from hangers. I used well over 100 gold brads to hold together and accent the costumes. These are the most affordable costumes I have ever made but they also make an impact of Olympic proportions.

Naturally, we had to take some pictures on Mount Olympus and some of us might have been caught flying at the photo shoot. We can’t wait to make our debut on Halloween night as we trick or treat throughout the Cosmos! Although, I would not recommend that any mortals choose “trick” over treat. Hermes’s staff can freeze both humans and gods alike and Artemis does not aim to wound! She is out for blood… well actually, she is out for Reese’s or Kit Kats!

The gods and goddesses of Greek myth remind us of the best and worst of ourselves. They challenge us to know ourselves because it is through knowing ourselves that we discover our true super powers and can live our best lives. So, as we embark on our latest myth we share the words of Joseph Campbell when he said; “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”

Wishing you all hearty yesses and lots of treats this Halloween!