Cool Gnome Illusion Costume

Here’s how I made this gnome illusion costume:

Hat: Large red felt square stapled shut at an offset angle. Braided yellow yarn into pigtails. Stapled them inside of red hat to secure location then hot glued in place.

Mushroom: Opened a polka dot dog bed from the $5 store and inserted a hula hoop inside for shape & stability. Sewed it back together gently rounding each of the four corners,leaving a hole in the center for body . (Looked like a donut when finished.) Sewed a brown pillowcase to bottom of mushroom with pillowcase opening on  top. Cut a slit at bottom of pillowcase for feet to fit through. Stuffed little pants ful of newspaper and sewed and hot-glued to top of mushroom. She stepped into pillow & case and held at her sides as I installed suspenders to each side to hold assembly over her securely.

After putting mushroom on, she put shirt on to hide suspenders, and I tied a child’s skirt around as an apron to cover seam & give it an authentic uniform appearance. 1st place winner.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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