Cool Claw Machine DIY Costume

Cool Claw Machine DIY Costume

This Claw Machine costume is so simple. Get a big Cardboard box, and slice seam with exacto so box is fully open and lying flat. Next,  remove ‘tv screen’ size panels from 2 sides and front. Tape clear cello wrap cut to size on inside of openings. On back panel behind head I put aluminum … Read more

Cool Gnome Illusion Costume

Cool Gnome Illusion Costume

Here’s how I made this gnome illusion costume: Hat: Large red felt square stapled shut at an offset angle. Braided yellow yarn into pigtails. Stapled them inside of red hat to secure location then hot glued in place. Mushroom: Opened a polka dot dog bed from the $5 store and inserted a hula hoop inside for … Read more

Coolest Handmade Cupcake Costume

Homemade Cupcake Costume

For this homemade cupcake costume, flip a plastic laundry basket upside down, cut bottom out for head, and two holes for arms. Get twin-sized quilt batting at craft store for the ‘icing’, just cut it into 3 strips, twist and ice one strip at a time. We painted an old lamp shade for the wrapper … Read more

Coolest Homemade Candy Dots Costume

Homemade Candy Dots Costume

This Candy Dots Costume is made of 2 pieces of foam board, Styrofoam balls, cut in half, paint dots, colors of your choice (we went traditional) and hot glue. I glued candy colored ribbon in 2 straps for resting on the shoulders. Any colored street clothes underneath and your all set. Total cost $12. I … Read more

Coolest Cotton Candy Homemade Costume

Homemade Cotton Candy Costume

This Homemade Cotton Candy Costume is 2 dry cleaning bags filled with dyed batting, 1/2 powder blue and 1/2 baby pink. I sprayed adhesive on the 2 bags and attached the cut out label from a real cotton candy treat on front and ingredients on the back. I stuck a little in her hair with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Italian Ice Costume

Homemade Italian Ice Costume

Ice’ is an upside down laundry basket from the dollar store, with bottom cut for head and 2 arm holes cut away. Wrapped some batting to ‘fluff’, then wrapped sparkle tulle round and round in 4 colors to make rainbow ice. Bottom is a rubber toy bin with bottom cut out. It has white vinyl … Read more

Coolest Woodland Fairy Costume

Homemade Woodland Fairy Costume

This Homemade Woodland Fairy Costume was made from an elastic waist skirt from Dollar store, with torn tulle in 3 shades of green that I sewed on in rows. The wings are wire frame, with pantyhose; spray painted, and embellished with flowers and stones with a glue gun. I dyed a turtle neck and leggings … Read more

Coolest Autumn Tree Costume

Homemade Autumn Tree Costume

Just started this Homemade Autumn Tree Costume with a big girl’s turtle neck. Sewed and glued fall leaves down both arms and around neck. Scattered some around bodice for color too. Headpiece is a Statue of Liberty crown sprayed brown, and loaded with real twigs, leaves and stones for sparkle. Took her suede brown boots … Read more