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Cool DIY Plus-Size Betty Boop Costume

I decided for Halloween 2010 I wanted to be something/someone who is icon and really known, which is Betty Boop. I thought this costume idea was brilliant because it just embraces my femininity.   

To make this costume I visited my local thrift store and got a skirt and a tank top that was red. All for under 5$, very cheap! That was my main goal not to spend so much money on a costume I would wear for one day. The next items I bought to pull off the look were a black short wig and a boa. To get that “iconic” Betty Boop hair. I put foam rollers in the wig and sprayed it with lots of hair spray to give the flips. Also I painted on the flips on face to give it more of a Betty Boop feel.  

I had already had a red scarf that I used as shawl and gold hoop earrings. Lastly I printed a picture of Betty Boop and attached it to my chest just in case people did not know who I was. Overall it was fairly easy to make and it definitely made tons of people go… ” omg” .. “that’s so cute” ” I love it ”… pretty much the whole night I was taking tons of pictures.

Cool DIY Plus-Size Betty Boop Costume

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