One of my favorite cartoons is Betty Boop. After deciding to be Betty Boop I knew that just wearing a red dress would not give justice to her character. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of Betty Boop is her oversized head. Once I knew that the costume needed an oversized head I came up with the idea to use paper mache.

After paper maching two oblong balloons to make the shape of her head I covered the base of the head in skin toned fabric. I used fake leather for the hair and the pin curls, and attached it all with a hot glue. Cutting a hole in the bottom of the mask for my head I was able to wear the mask comfortably.

Using a picture I designed her face out of felt and fake eyelashes. The red dress was altered from an old brides maid dress and the garter was made from ribbon, elastic and felt shaped hearts. The costume was a huge hit!