The idea for this Flintstones group Halloween costume all started with just Wilma and Betty as us girls had to bar tend the night of the Halloween party at our local bar ~ and it GREW into the whole Flintstones gang including “The Great Gazoo”.

I found a sewing pattern for the Flintstones costumes. Not that you would need one for Fred and Barney because they would be easy to just sew side and top seams. Wilma and Betty were a little more complicated, with zippers and front and back darts. I used colored felt for all the costumes and used fake fur for the patches on Fred’s costume. A sea shell added the special touch to Betty’s outfit. For the Great Gazoo, we found an old 70’s bubble style motorcycle helmet, added spring door stoppers and spray painted the helmet green. Gazoo’s suit was pattern for simple “union suit” style pajamas. I designed the cape with just some tissue paper and a marker drawing my own pattern.

The Great Gazoo idea was discussed a week before the Halloween Party when only Fred and Wilma were finished, well as most people say, some of us work better under pressure.  Or another famous line from my mother is:  A spot of blood means it was made with love!! Thinking this after I cut the tip of my finger off while trimming the bottom of Betty’s costume.