I have collected Betty Boop for 35 years.  I have 1,004 pieces which is decorated in 5 rooms in my home.  Curtains, rugs, canisters, plates, cups, dolls and the list goes on!  I decited to dress like Betty Boop at Halloween after looking around my home.

My mother is a seamstress, so she made the dress.  I bought gold shoes, earrings, a white top and tights to accent the dress.  My daughter is a cosmotologist, so she fixed my hair like Betty’s and done a killer job on my make-up !  The make-up took almost 2 hours with a couple of breaks.  My brother is a middle school teacher, so I went to school for the children to see me and they loved it !  Some of them didn’t know who Betty Boop was, but they do now !  Every where I went that day people wanted a picture of me.  I lost count of all the pictures made that day after 66.