Best Betty Boop Costume Ever!

I love dressing up for Halloween! But 2012’s Betty Boop costume/makeup has got to be my favorite…so far! I love Betty Boop, have her tattooed on my forearm and it was inevitable that I would dress up as her for Halloween one day, I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off. Specially because I have very long thick hair and there was no way I would be able to tuck it all underneath a short hair wig, but I did and I loved how it turned out… Got lots of compliments from everyone!

This was my work costume, so I didn’t do the red tight dress…instead I focused on the make up. I got my inspiration from the lovely Kandee Johnson… Love her! She has a tutorial on her YouTube channel that gives you a play by play on how to achieve this look.

The makeup:

First I concealed my eyebrows using Elmer’s glue stick and LOTS of heavy concealer. It takes a while so be patient. I then used a foundation that was two shades lighter than me, to get a very pale matted look. Make sure you set your foundation with loose powder. I drew on her famous eyebrows with a black eyeliner and than went over it with liquid eyeliner to make them darker. I exaggerated my under eyes by using a white eyeliner and than used both the black lip & liquid eyeliner to to line around my eyes making sure I didn’t cover up the white eyeliner. This is what gives her eyes a round doll like look. I glued on some lashes and used some red lip stick for my lips.

The hair:

I think I used half a pack of bobby pins to pin up my hair so that it wouldn’t fall. I bought the original Betty Boop wig from Amazon. You will have to re shape it but overall it was a good wig and cheap! Drawing the extra peaks of her hair on the sides of your face and forehead really makes a huge difference and pulls the whole look together.

I had so much fun creating this look!

Best Betty Boop Costume Ever!

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