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Coolest 40+ Homemade Chicken Costumes

Have people wondering why you crossed the road when you wear one of these fabulously feathery chicken costumes. Crafted by people just like you, these are the homemade costumes you need make this Halloween. Read the best tutorials below to create the coolest DIY costume ever.

Look like you have just hatched by copying some of the DIY costumes here. Check out the homemade costumes of chickens coming out of broken eggshells for a unique and fun idea. Also, use yellow rubber gloves in order to make the most hilarious chicken feet.

In addition, take a look at the creative couple costumes. You will see fantastic chick and magnet costumes. Also, take a look at the Colonel Sanders with his favorite chicken costumes.

So, browse through this collection of chicken costumes and get inspired to create your own. Then, get out your glue gun to make the fluffiest homemade costume this Halloween!

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Featured Chicken Costumes

Cutest Toddler DIY Chicken Costume on a Budget

Cutest Toddler DIY Chicken Costume on a Budget

This year we created a grand champion chicken costume for our toddler for Halloween. We have joined the sustainable living bandwagon and living in the heart of Dallas, Texas it was a challenge to introduce our love for chickens. Neighbors would drive-by so slowly and walk down the alley just to get a glance into our ‘Chicken Yard’. My husband David and I were not looking back after our first encounter with a City-Chicken that was given to us on a Facebook group, a beautiful Silkie named Pancho. Read more »

Cutest Baby Chicken Costume Ever

Cutest Baby Chicken Costume Ever

This year, I dressed my 10 month old son up as a chicken! It was so easy to make! And super cute! My sister got married 3 years ago and her theme was “feathers” so I had plenty to work with! I bought a plain white, long sleeve onesie and hot glued 3 feather beaus all around it to create the body of the chicken! Read more »

8 Cool Homemade Chicken Costumes

Cute Baby Chicken Costume

I received this idea from a Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago. Chicken costumes are adorable and very easy to make. First you need to find a white onesie in your child’s size. Next purchase two white feather boas from a craft store. The directions said to hot glue the feathers on to the onesie, however I found it to hold better by stitching it on. Read more »