Made these chicken costumes for my twin girls last year. Everyone thought they were so cute, and they were REALLY easy to make.

I made the body with a long sleeve turtleneck onesie inserted into a t-shirt. Then sewed up the bottom of the t-shirt and stuffed in between the two with fiberfill to make the body fluffy. Then I tacked feather boas around the body with small stitches and used 2 smaller pieces of boa to stitch to the arms.

I bought an aviators hat and stitched more boa all around the hat. I made a comb (the red part of the head of the chicken) out of red felt, stitched it around the edge and stuffed it with fiberfill, then glued it to the top of the head.

I bought yellow tights and used dish washing gloves to make the feet by stuffing the fingers and inserting some of my girls shoes inside of them.

The whole chicken costume worked out great and didn’t take long to make.