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Coolest Chicken Toddler Costume

For my daughter’s first “real” Halloween, she was 13 months old, I made her a Chicken Toddler Costume. It was easy to make and inexpensive. I bought orange pants, which are easy to find around Halloween time.

For the body I hot glued a white feather boa to a white onesie. For toddler size one boa was enough. I got a white hat and cut a hole in the top, I then sewed red felt in a felled in S-shape into the hole. For the feet I cut yellow felt into a chicken foot shape tied then over her shoes.

I cut 2 sheets of poster board to look like a cracked egg a tied then to each side if her stroller. I put my hair in pigtails and wore a flannel shirt and overalls to look like a farmer. I live in Florida so I used I short sleeve onesie. You could easily use a white sweater if you live in colder weather. My daughter was to young for wings but and easy and expensive way to make a pair is to get a piece of poster board and a bag of loose white feathers or another boa, though boas can be expensive. Cut the poster board into a teardrop with no point shape the length of your child’s arm. Staple a piece of elastic (3 yards for $1 at craft store)where wing would hit mid forearm and a piece mid lower arm.

Then in 2-4 inch sections at a time put a lot of hot glue then press on a handful of feathers. I find it useful to use the poster board scrapes to press on the feathers so you don’t get burned. Cover both in this way then let sit over night. Save the extra feather for touch ups. Don’t be surprised if you leave a trail of feathers everywhere you go, but that’s half the fun.

The entire costume cost about $25, that includes the chicken costume, “egg”, and farmer costume. I shopped at thrift stores to cut down on cost.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful photo and the great directions. My grand-daughter wants to be a chicken for Halloween and I was stymied!!!


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